Category: Clean Up

  • Downtown White Boot Clean Up

    Governor John Bel Edwards, in partnership with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and Keep Louisiana Beautiful, has declared the fourth Saturday of every month in 2022 “Love the Boot Day.” Pledge to participate on a monthly basis and clean up your neighborhood, a park, a roadway, or another space in your community.The White Boot Clean Up […]

  • Be A Party Animal Not A Litterbug During Mardi Gras

    Be A Party Animal Not A Litterbug During Mardi Gras

    Being a party animal during Mardi Gras is acceptable; being a litterbug is not.As part of our eco-friendly Mardi Gras, we wanted to highlight some easy ways you can celebrate more sustainably! A friendly reminder to bring an extra garbage bag to the parades this weekend for all your Mardi Gras “debris”. Please be mindful […]

  • National Skip the Straw Day!

    National Skip the Straw Day!

    On the fourth Friday in February, The Coral Keepers ask you to consider a different way on National Skip the Straw Day! For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed slurping a refreshing beverage through a cylindrical tube. If Marvin Stone (the inventor of the first paper straw in 1888) were alive today, he might be […]

  • Bayou Grand Caillou White Boot Cleanup

    Keep Terrebonne Beautiful, which seeks a clean, green, and more beautiful Terrebonne Parish with The White Boot Clean Up on Saturday, March 26, 2022, at the Anchor Foursquare Church. Keep Terrebonne Beautiful is seeking volunteers to remove litter and debris from roadsides, highways, and waterways for safer, cleaner communities. Are you ready to create a […]